Please call 360-834-1818 to book an appointment for your Hair services. Walk-ins are also welcome, and dependent on Stylist availability.

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Our experienced & talented stylists at Nico Bella Salon & Day Spa collaborate with you to design and sculpt the perfect look just for you; and we really do know our craft, so trust in us, because you’re going to look amazing.

Our method of creating your special look includes assessment of your hair’s texture, growth pattern, color, length and your lifestyle.

Because everyone’s hair is different, and everyone’s lifestyle is different, everyone’s style should be just as individual. What works wonderfully for you, is unlikely to work as well for your sister or best friend.

We most often “Dry Cut” when sculpting the hairstyle, to create a couture look. Dry Cutting is a technique that many of our stylists have used with consistently fabulous results. Surprisingly to us, it’s a cutting style that is a little unique and special to the stylists at Nico Bella Salon as it’s rarely offered elsewhere. You’ll really love the results.

On the ‘cutting edge’, our stylists keep up to date with the latest trends in both style and styling.

In October 2015, Nico Bella stylists were among the very first in the Northwest to perform the ‘Fluid Hair Painting Technique‘. It’s a really fun and effective technique that clients love, and demand is high!

For the best hair of your life (that’s what our clients tell us!), make an appointment with one of our stylists today.